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Android TV operator Tier is on the radar of many of our clients. Having your Android TV offerings is a perfect way to compete with your new streaming video platforms and reach your viewers. And And Android TV helps without the device having to develop from scratch.

The Disagreement

The difficulty with Android TV is that it’s recent and most of the operators don’t know. We know those who are good and the secret. Your service efficiency is under management as one of the great prerequisites for successful launch. Earlier. Done. And after. And after. Why does this happen? And when things go wrong, you want to investigate accidents and find the root factors as soon as possible and reliably to solve problems on importance of interactive touch screen solution.

  • System for TV Input
  • HAL button for Android TV

The Android TV Entry Platform makes live content easy for Android TV to produce. The Android TIF offers a standard API for producers to build Android TV control module, which allows live TV searches and suggestions from TV Input metadata.

The system would not enforce importance of touch screen solution nor regional requirements, but makes it possible for device makers to conform without re-implementation of the regional digital TV broadcast standards. The documents in this section can also be useful for creating third-party users that want to generate customised TV inputs.

Provider of cable

The directory of the TV Company saves TV Inputs’ channels and programmes. The TV Provider releases the related permissions and maintains them so that TV Inputs can only display their own records. For eg, only the channels and programmes supplied by a certain TV interface are visible and the connexion to other programmes and channels of the TV Inputs is forbidden.

The television provider maps internally ‘broadcast category’ to ‘canonical genre.’ For eg, the broadcast standard ATSC A/65 and programming 0x25 (meaning sports), the TV inputs will complement the “broadcast genre” with the String “Sports” and TV Provider, and the TV input will be accompanied by a “sports,” a “sports broadcasting type” with the Sports and the TV providers.

Managing  of TV Input

A core device API for the importance of touch screen solution Input Platform is provided by the TV Input Manager. It interfaces with applications and TV Inputs and offers functionality for parental control. Sessions TV Input Manager with TV Inputs must be generated independently. The TV Input Manager requires access to TV Inputs such that applications can:

  • List and validate your TV inputs
  • Sessions and listeners management


For sessions, only URIs which it has attached to the TV Provider database can be set by the TV Client, with the exception of passthrough TV Inputs, which can be set by the use of A TV Input. TV Inputs that are provided and signed in the system partition by the computer maker (signature apps) or others would provide access to the whole of the TV Provider database. This access is used to create applications to scan and browse through every TV channel and programme available.